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What's your Investment sector focus ?

We invest in B2B, Climate-Tech and Deep Tech Startups

What stage do you invest in ?

Our ideal stage is Pre-Seed/Seed, but we can fund up to Pre-Series A Stages

What's your Investment Process ?

Our investment process is quick and transparent, with five clear steps:


Initial review: We will study the materials you have shared with us to determine if they align our investment thesis.
First meeting: We will want to hear you out and learn more about your idea. Let's get on a call!
Partner Meeting : If we are interested in your idea, we will get at least one partner to listen to you in more detail.
Investment committee (IC)meeting: We will invite you to present your idea to all our Partners.

 Average TAT for each step is <15 days

What's your typical cheque size ?

Our Average Cheque size is $150-$250K

Do you invest outside India?

Yes, We invest in startups outside of India too, but we require that at least one of the co-founders be Indian.

Do you co-invest with other investors ?

Yes, we always co-invest with like-minded investors. Also, we prefer to be a lead investor. 

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